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Tired of peddling magazine subscriptions, popcorn tins and overpriced wrapping paper?

Now your organization can fundraise with items that every company uses and needs at affordable prices.

Forget going door to door in your neighborhood. Your group can reach out to local businesses instead.

We will provide your organization with a custom landing page on our website explaining their fundraiser.

We will also provide an 8 page flyer with a sampling of our products for you to leave with local businesses.

You will also get a custom coupon code and when a company makes a purchase using that code,

5% of the total purchase will go directly to your organization.

These purchases serve as a constant revenue stream.

As long as the companies continue to use your code to make purchases, money will go to your organization.

There is nothing to lose, as we are providing you with all of the tools you need to make your fundraiser a success.

CLICK HERE for a sample of the landing page we will provide you.

CLICK HERE for a sample of the cover of the flyer we will provide to your organization.

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